Heightening School Safety: Security Window Film

north carolina school security film

Absolute Perfection Security Window Film Protecting Schools

North Carolina is ranked number 11 on the ‘School-System Safety Ranking’ comparatively to other states in the U.S. While their school ranking on such an extensive list seems to show evidence that our school systems are doing something right, due to how unpredictable and dangerous our society has become, there’s always room for safety improvement.

Absolute Perfection has immense passion to help make school’s as safe and comfortable as feasibly possible using our highly developed security window film. There are three issues in particular this security window film will solve. The first and most obvious one being to heighten security. This film will also provide solutions for reducing glare and also make a more energy efficient and temperature controlled environment. In this article you’ll learn about the present problems regarding school safety and the solutions as well as benefits of Absolute Perfection’s security window film.

School Security Window Film Benefitting Safety

In today’s society there’s a sickening history of intruders breaking into schools and putting children into harmful and unfortunately sometimes fatal situations. Our company would love nothing more than to give parents, teachers and students alike an additive feeling of safety and comfortability to make sure that intruders have the hardest possible experience in trying to break in. Our team has developed a solution to making it more difficult for these horrible incidents from occurring. Our security window film adds an extra layer onto otherwise breakable glass. This security window film increases the glass resistance against forced entry. With Absolute Perfection’s security window film you can feel more secure knowing an intruder won’t have easy access inside of the school and even upon damaging the glass, this security window film has an adhesive layer that prevents the glass from shattering and keeps the pane intact.

Security Window Film Aiding in Temperature Control / Weather Safety

North Carolina has varying weather. The weather can range from being extremely hot and sunny, to incredibly windy and unfavorably stormy. During hurricane season specifically, the weather is unpredictable and can cause serious destruction. Our team is well prepared to address and give solutions to these problems. With our security window film we are able to not only add a fortress of security onto the window against brutal storms but it also creates an environment where temperature is better controlled. A lot of schools struggle to keep the temperature during hotter seasons cool because the sun penetrates through the window and thus, they’re forced to use a lot of energy in cooling. In contrast, school systems also have difficulty with keeping schools warm enough during the colder seasons. This security window film solves both issues by using advanced technology to absorb and reflect light accordingly, providing a more controlled temperature. Now students, and faculty alike have one less worry about being protected from extreme weather or temperature. Consequently, we are also able to lower the amount of energy that schools use to heat or cool the school which saves money on energy bills as well. Now that access money can be used toward something more progressive and useful.

Security Window Film Decreasing Glare

Another issue that students and teachers have to deal with is the glare from the sun penetrating through the glass and creating glare onto computer screens, smart-boards, chalk boards and other flat surfaces. For many students especially, this can be an annoying distraction that some may face to see and learn the information they need to learn. Our company’s security window film can also provide an anti-glare solution that’ll allow students to learn adequately without the stress of squinting to see the board.

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