Residential Window Tinting in Ohio

We offer the best window tinting and film solutions for your home. Residential tint improves comfort, style, and protection.

Top-quality Residential Window Tinting and Window Film Solutions for your Home.

  • Protect your family from harmful UV rays with a film that filters out over 99% of Ultraviolet rays.

  • Enjoy every room in your home—all year long—by blocking up to 70% of the heat produced by the sun.

  • Reduce sun glare in your home by up to 84% so you’re no longer blinded at breakfast.

  • Save more money with a long-lasting and cost-effective approach to saving energy year-round.
  • Add privacy and security to your home with our durable, scratch resistance films and solutions that increase strength and flexibility.

What Our Happy Customers Say…

“I like the way Absolute Perfection communicated. They tinted my entire home and did a vinyl wrap for my trailer. They were excellent.”

Derek S.

“Fantastic experience. Seamless and efficient. The installers were quiet, clean and worked well together. Robert Croft is very knowledgeable about the product and doesn’t pressure you to sign a contract. They installed film in our home. If you are considering this service, you would do well to contact AP Tinting. I totally recommend this company!”

Rino M.

“Those guys were great. I liked the scheduling, and the person that came out to do the work was very professional. I had an addition put on my house with some very large windows, and the windows actually let in too much light, so Absolute Perfection tinted them for me. These guys get an A in my book.”

Ben C.