Commercial Window Tinting in South Carolina

AP Tinting’s premiere commercial window tinting. Providing businesses with style, protection, and comfort.

Top-Rated South Carolina Commercial Window Tinting and Film.

  • Protection from UV Rays. Window film blocks up to 99% of Ultraviolet rays.
  • Improves temperature control. Keep employees comfortable by blocking up to 70% of the sun’s heat.
  • Eliminate sun glare distractions. Blinding glare from the sun can be reduced by up to 84% in your work-space.

  • Save on energy costs. Reduces HVAC load leading to a reduction in energy costs and the potential for energy savings credits.

  • Improve privacy and security. Scratch-resistant, durable, and reflective window films prevent peering eyes and improve window strength.

What Our Happy Customers Say…

“They were great. They worked clean, they were professional, and they were pleasant. I chose Absolute Perfection because they got back to me faster than other companies did, and I really liked their products. I would recommend them for other businesses in my area.”

Gavin M.

“Absolute Perfection’s work was phenomenal. They took pride in their work, cleaned up after themselves. and finished in a timely manner. The end results were great. They did window they did indoor window treatments to help cut down on UV rays and it also helps with insulation and heating and cooling. They deserve a straight-A grade – they’re great.”

Kevin C.

“Absolute Perfection was very good. They were professional, they did a great job, and they were very friendly. They put their tint on eight windows, two skylights, and three other things. I chose them because when I called, Jen was very friendly. Great work and great people.”

Dawn M.

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