Should I Tint My Windows in the Winter?

A lot of people ask us, “Should I tint my windows in the winter?” When thinking about tinting your car windows, usually sunshine and heat come to mind. But did you know that tinting your windows in the winter offers some awesome safety and fuel saving features?
window tinting winter

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Visual Benefits of Tinting Your Windows in the Winter

Tinted windows during the winter months will minimize glare from snow and incoming headlights, increasing your visibility. Glare is actually intensified in the winter when the ground is covered by white snow or even just sleet and rain. Headlight glare can also be a big hazard with the later sunrises and earlier sunsets during winter.

Glare reduction = better visual safety

Fuel Efficient Benefits of Tinting Your Windows in the Winter

Window tint acts as an insulating layer by trapping interior heat inside the car in the winter. This helps you save money in fuel costs as you are not running your heating element as much in extreme temperatures.

Insulation = year round benefits

The Holiday Season Means Discounts!!

Everyone loves a good deal! As many people are unaware of the year-round benefits, winter is usually a slower time for tint shops. Between the lack of demand for winter window tinting and the holiday discounts, you’ll be sure to get some discounts! Check out some of our very own coupons here.

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