Should I Tint Windows in Winter?

should i tint my windows in the winter home window tinting in baltimore md

Yes, it makes a lot of sense to tint windows in winter. While it’s not the hottest time of year, window tinting film offers many benefits independent of heat rejection. Those benefits include blocking harmful UV rays, reducing sun glare, reducing fading, as well as improving your home ability to retain its heat!

Here are the 5 main reason you should hire a home window tinting company in the winter just as much as you should in the summer.

1. Block UV Rays

Home window tint film filters out certain wavelengths from the sun. These include UV rays and infrared rays. Infrared rays are what causes your home to heat up, the UV rays are what damages skin and can lead to skin cancers or melanoma. So, while filtering out infrared rays doesn’t help much in the winter, the reduced exposure to harmful UV rays certainly will!

2. Reduce Sun Glare

A major benefit to window film is a reduction in sun glare. The winter is when you will notice the reduction the most as there are less leaves on the trees. Which ultimately means more sunlight. Window tint will help to reduce the glare from the sun so you can be more comfortable at breakfast or watching TV / using a computer throughout the day.

3. Insulate Your Home

Window films provide another layer of insulation. In the summer, this film layer prevents infrared rays from entering your home and heating it up. In the winter, this same film layer helps to retain heat. Put differently, with window film installed on your home’s windows, your heating system will heat up your home faster and the system itself can then run more efficiently.

4. Prevent Color Fading

The same ultraviolet (UV) radiation which causes skin cancer also damages your home’s interior. Typically this is seen with color fading on your furniture, or hard wood flooring—both of which will end up being expensive things to replace. Window films block these UV radiation and, in turn, help to prevent color fading of your vehicle’s interior.

5. Save Money

Not only will putting both #3 and #4 together end up saving you money in the long run, buying tint in the winter can mean finding sales! Not everyone knows you can—and should—still tint windows in winter. So with this bit of knowledge, you can not only reap the rewards of some fresh tint, you can also save a pretty penny too!

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