Solar Window Film

Let the sunlight in while taming heat, reducing fading, and saving energy.

There are many ways to cut down on the amount of heat created by the sun in your space. Most of those options, also sacrifice natural light. Solar window film on the other hand, is the smart way to reduce heat and glare without obstructing your view or natural light. These films increase solar reflectivity, reject solar heat, and reduce up to 99% of incoming ultraviolet light.

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How Solar Window Film Works

Solar window film is engineered to capture or redirect targeted wavelengths of the sun’s light. The sun puts out three types of radiation or light. Visible light is the part of the light we see. Infrared radiation is the part we feel—the part of sunlight which causes heat. The final part is UV radiation, which is what causes floor, interior, and skin damage. Solar window film is built to filter out all but the visible part of the sun’s wavelengths.

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