Sun Burn During the Winter, What!? Why You Need UV Ray Protection Year-Round

UV Ray Protection Film in the Winter for Homes

If you live in Maryland, your house probably looked something like this during the historic blizzard of 2016. During these crazy storms protecting yourself from harmful winter UV rays is probably the last thing on your mind. Most people don’t even know that UV ray protection in the winter is a big concern.

People begin to think about UV ray protection during the spring and summer seasons, which makes sense. The weather gets warmer and the sun gets stronger so the UV rays must get more powerful, right? Is it really necessary to worry about UV ray protection in the winter season?

UV Rays Are Reflected Off of Snow

UV Ray Protection from UVA Rays from Snow Reflection

Don’t let the cold weather fool you. In some cases UV rays are actually more powerful during the winter season. According to World Health Organization, sun reflection off of snow brings harsh UV rays, which doubles the UV exposure a person encounters. In fact, “Fresh snow can reflect as much as 80% of UV radiation” (“UV Strength,” n.d.).

In some ways UV rays can be less harmful during winter, however there is more than one type of UV ray. UVB rays, which cause sun burn in the summers, are less intense in the winter, but keep in mind that they are still there. There are also UVA rays which occur all year round no matter what season it is. UVA rays are dangerous and once the damage is done, it is irreversible.

Know the Dangers of UVA Rays and Take Action with UV Ray Protection

According to Dr. Cynthia Bailey, UVA rays “penetrate

[the] skin more deeply than the sun burn ray UVB and the havoc it wreaks on your skin is caused by free radicals…and UVA is also linked to the development of skin cancers, including melanoma” (Bailey, 2011).

There is a solution to this problem: get your windows tinted during the winter season. Why? Well, window film will provide you 99% to 99.5% UVA and UVB protection. What is more important? Protecting your skin only during the spring and summer or protecting it year round?

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