The Best Window Films for a Storefront

the best window tints for a storefront

You know your business could benefit from a new window film, but which should you go with? Window films come in a variety of options ranging from darkened tint, UV filtering tint, and security film. So, when you boil it all down, what will be the best window tint for your specific storefront?

The Window Film You Select, Depends on Your Needs

There really is no silver bullet in window films. While there are a few lines of window film technologies which meet all the check-boxes, they may not offer the highest level in one specific category.

So, what will be the best window tint for your storefront? Let’s take a minute and go over the options.

A Window Film for Security

Every new window film installation will add a certain layer of security. This is because window films help to encapsulate the glass within, reducing the hazard of flying glass. More advanced security films will even slow down someone trying to enter through your store’s windows.

On a related note, there are certain types of anti-graffiti film which will help to save you money while also reducing the amount of repeat graffiti activity. This leads to added security from this type of activity and security from future expenses in clean-up.

A Window Film for Privacy

Many types of window films add a layer of visual privacy to your window. Whether it’s a reflective window film, or a darkening tint, your window will be harder to see through—improving privacy for employees and customers.

There is even a type of window film, called Casper cloaking film, which makes LCD and LED screens (computers, TVs, etc.) look blank from the other side of the window. This improves data privacy without sacrificing visible light.

A Window Film for the Health Benefits

Sunlight brings with it many adverse health effects. UV rays can lead to skin cancer, sun burn, and eye damage. Most window films used for commercial window film installations already come with UV ray filtering—with some films offering higher levels than others. If this is one of your main concerns, let your commercial window film service know, and they’ll cover those films with the best filtering abilities.

A Window Film for Interior Comfort

Sunlight can make certain parts of your business unbearably hot due to infrared rays, or totally unusable due to sun glare. Certain window films help to combat these issues by improving temperature control as well as filtering out sun glare. If you’re experiencing these issues at your store, a commercial window film is the most cost-effective solution available on the market.

A Window Film for Energy Savings

The best window film, if you want to improve energy efficiency, will be a low-e window film. These films specialize at making existing windows more energy efficient by keeping your space cool in the summer and warmer in the winter. Consequently, this means less strain on your HVAC because there is less temperature loss through your windows.

For more information on what window film will be best for your storefront, get in touch with a local window film consultant today. They’ll be able to walk you through all the options available to you, and help you select the best window film for your storefront.

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