The Geico Energy Rebate Project

Everyone knows that “15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance,” but did you know window film installation could save you 25% on gas and electric bills? A new energy rebate program with BGE and Pepco has made saving money “so easy, a caveman can do it,” and savings will have you saying “weeee” all the way home.

Car insurance isn’t the only thing you can save money on. By teaming up with Pepco and Lockheed Martin, Absolute Perfection Window Tinting was able to help Geico acquire an almost $75,000 rebate on energy efficient window film. You could be saving money on window film, too! Find out how.

About The Project

Gieco has two buildings that underwent the removal and reapplication of window film – their main four-story office building and a seven-story tower that houses corporate executives. Overall, 1901 windows were covered; that’s about 65,000 square feet of window film!

How The Rebate Works

geico headquarters window tint absolute perfection window tinting

geico window film absolute perfection window tinting

There are two public companies AP Tinting works with that offer this rebate, Pepco and BGE. The rebate is based on a kilowatt-hour savings in the first year. Pepco offers 16 cents per kilowatt-hour saved in the first year, so if you have a 100,000 kilowatt hour savings, you would get a $16,000 rebate.

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The Geico project was one of the largest AP Tinting has done, considering the hefty $75,000 rebate they received. Larger jobs, such as the Geico buildings, require a custom application process that is pretty extensive. Before window film is applied, the energy consumption is measured and savings estimates are calculated to determine how much will be saved.

What Is A Custom Application?

A custom application is how someone applies for a rebate on energy efficient upgrades. Although window film is the latest low-hanging fruit of energy efficient measures, there are many other things you can get a rebate on through the custom application process such as a new HVAC system, renewing insulation, or upgrading lighting to LED lights.

Why Is Pepco Offering These Rebates?

The energy saved by applying window film will put more energy back into the grid. Companies such as Pepco and BGE are offering these rebates in efforts to decrease energy consumption and lessen the need to build more power plants. With more and more energy being consumed daily, we’re running out of places to get it. This rebate program is a new step towards going green.

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