Do Window Tint Laws Carry Over from State to State?

Do Window Tint Laws Carry Over from State to State

There is a lot of confusion over whether tint laws carry over from state to state. The answer, in short, is you must abide by the laws of the road in the state you are driving in. So, even if your tint is legal in Maryland, it may not be legal tint in North Carolina. That said, this article will go into the details on what this means to you as a driver with tinted windows.

The Issue of Tint Laws Changing from State to State

When driving across state lines, you are subject to the driving laws in the state you are present. Some states provide exemptions to their tint laws for visitors while others do not. States with no visitor exemptions may issue a repair order if your window tint doesn’t meet their regulations. In some cases, it is possible to contest a ticket or repair order and have it thrown out.

What are my Local Tint Laws?

Your local tint laws will vary state to state. It’s best to seek out your state’s laws on window tinting before tinting your windows. Most of the time, your local window tinting service will be able to tell you the window tint laws in your state.

What Do I Do If I’m Pulled Over in Another State?

Chances of getting pulled over purely for your window film are slim. However, if you are pulled over for say speeding, it’s possible the officer will notice your tint as well. In some states, officers are legally allowed to issue tickets and repair orders for your tint—even if your vehicle is not registered in that state. The best thing to do is be polite and not give the officer any reason to issue you a repair order.

How Can I Avoid Being Pulled Over for Window Tint?

For starters, you are expected to follow the laws of the state in which your vehicle is registered in. If you are pulled over, most vehicle owners tell us a good way to prevent issues with tint is to lower your windows before the officer reaches your door. Also, if you’re unsure if your tint is legal, bring your car to your local tint show and they will usually measure your VLT for free!

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