Maryland Window Tinting Testimonial

Absolute Perfection did residential window film installation for Nadia at her Maryland residence. Nadia and her family love the natural light that they get from their windows, but when you have a lot of windows, you can have a lot of problems.

Nadia realized that Window Film could help with the heat and fading, while at the same time be barely visible, ensuring that their dark floors wouldn’t fade. As a home owner with a pretty sizable project, Nadia did a lot of research before choosing a window film contractor. She chose to work with Absolute Perfection based on the good reviews from past clients.
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What is Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection film is an optically clear film that protects your vehicles paint from dings, scratches, and normal chips that are bound to happen eventually. Installation is quick and the film is removable for future paint jobs or wrap installation, leaving the original finish beneath untouched. If you want to protect your vehicles paint job and ensure a much higher resale value, then paint protection film is what you need!
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Dulles Airport | Commercial Window Film Project | Vista Window Film

The Dulles Airport project was one of the largest projects we had been a part of. But it wasn’t so much the scope of the job that was the difficult part, it was the time constraints that we had. Most of the time, a project of that scale would take several weeks to complete, but in this case, it had to be done before the Christmas holiday. We had to bring in extra manpower and work on a shift that we weren’t accustomed to doing. That’s kind of part of our company model is that we’re going to do whatever it takes to get the job done.
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Sam Koch of the Baltimore Ravens | Residential & Automotive Window Tinting

Sam Koch, Punter for the Baltimore Ravens, had his Truck, BMW and Home tinted by the professional installers at Absolute Perfection. It’s been a pleasure working with Sam over the last few years. See what he has to say about Absolute Perfection in his video testimonial.

USP | Commercial | Decorative Window Film

We applied a frosted vinyl to the exterior surface of the glass that gives the glass an etched or sand-blasted appearance. This product would be good in any kind of decorative setting if you were looking to dress up the glass in your home, if you have interior offices that have glass walls that are really plain you can do decorative designs in the frosted glass and it doesn’t damage the glass, so that’s a nice benefit if you sand-blast the glass, it’s permanent but with this product we can cut it out in our plotter, apply it, and then you can change it whenever you want.
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2012 Mercedes Benz S63 AMG | FormulaOne Automotive Window Tinting

Watch our head installer and COO, Tim Cooke, tint this uniquely customized 2012 Mercedes Benz AMG. We are Maryland’s exclusive dealer of FormulaOne High Performance Auto Tint – The best automotive film available on the market and the only brand to come with a Lifetime Nationwide Transferable Warranty.

JHU Levering Hall | Commercial Window Film Project | Vista Window Film

What started out as a student research project to reduce the amount of solar energy entering the Levering Hall Glass Pavilion at JHU, quickly turned into one of the University’s biggest implemented energy saving measures. The addition of Commercial Window Film to Johns Hopkins University has led to a string of future window film projects with the University and opened eyes to the power of window film for the JHU community.
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JHU Rec Center | Commercial Window Film Project | Vista Window Film

SHIP and the Office of Sustainability hope to reduce the CO2 emissions by 50% by 2015. After working with Absolute Perfection, JHU plans to further improve energy savings through window film treatment. The team at Absolute Perfection hopes to increase awareness of the impact window film has on energy savings through projects similar to the JHU Glass Pavilion project. Working one on one with the students and staff gave us a chance to spread our knowledge and the behind the scenes side of window film that most people never see.
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