Do you still get Vitamin D Through Window Tint?

A question we get a lot is, “Does window tint block vitamin D?” The answer, in short, is that glass windows and window film both block Vitamin D. So, if you’re wondering how applying window film will affect your body’s regular intake of Vitamin Dthe answer is it won’tHeres more. 

do you still get vitamin d through window tint

First, why is Vitamin D Important?

In short, Vitamin D helps with regulating the amount of calcium and phosphate in your body. Calcium and phosphate help your body maintain healthy bones, teeth, and muscles. Not enough vitamin D can lead to a vitamin D deficiency, which can then lead to rickets in children or bone pain in adults. In addition, vitamin D helps your immune system build resistance against certain diseases. 

What Does the Sun Have to do with Vitamin D?

Vitamin D comes from your skin’s reaction to sunlight. This is why vitamin D is called the sunshine vitamin. This reaction occurs when ultraviolet B radiationmore commonly referred to as UVB—interacts with protein in your skin. This reaction converts the protein into Vitamin D3 which is the active form of Vitamin D your body uses. 

does Maryland window tint filter out vitamin d from sunlight

So. Does Window Film Block Vitamin D? 

The answer is yes and no. The truth is glass windows block UVB rays before window film has a chance. That said, window film does block UVB radiationThis distinction is important because the main reason people ask this question is to evaluate if they should install window film. The truth of the matter is you will not get vitamin D through a window regardless if it is tinted or not. 

Other Ways to Get Adequate Vitamin D 

While sunlight is still the top way to get your Vitamin D, there are other optionsFor starters, changing up your diet can helpFoods like fatty fish (tuna or salmon), vitamin D fortified foods (milk, cereal), cheese and egg yolks are packed with vitamin DThere are also dietary supplements which can do the trick like cod liver oil if you cannot make those dietary changes. 

does Maryland home window tint block vitamin d

What Else Will Window Film Block? 

In addition to UVB rays, window films also block out other parts of the visible light spectrum. This includes UVA rays (the rays which lead to skin damage) as well as infrared radiation (the part of sunlight which causes heat)Other important benefits of window film include filtering out sun glare, improving privacy, and making your building or vehicle more modern and stylish. 

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