Easy Ways to Improve Office Aesthetics

Is your workplace putting everyone to sleep? Or maybe you’re building a new space and want to make sure you’re doing everything right. Regardless of why, it’s absolutely important your consider your space’s aesthetics. If someone likes the look and feel of the space they work in, they are much more likely to enjoy their work. This can lead to boosts in productivity as well as loyalty.

Glass Dividers

Dividing up the space in an open office up is a good idea. When people have their own space they feel a greater sense of mutual purpose to your company’s goals. Similarly, making a space for meetings also helps improve collaboration between departments. When you go above sectioning off your spaces, consider doing it with glass dividers. Glass gives a sophisticated, modern look with the added benefit of natural light.

Take your glass dividers to another level with custom frosted window film. Window films are applied direct to the glass, and can add serious charm and class to plain glass.

Wall Murals

A blank office is boring. Boring spaces do not stifle creativity; they do not attract top talent. Don’t be the boring office. Instead create a space that inspires creativity and productivity. Wall murals, more specifically, vinyl wall graphics, can help you extend your branding to your your office space. These wall graphics looks nice while also providing you an opportunity to showcase your company’s services for up-sells.

Indoor Plants

Brighten up your space with a splash of green with some indoor plants. New office plants bring a variety of benefits in addition to improving the look and overall aesthetics of your office space. Plants scrub the air of pollutants giving your space fresher air than if they weren’t there. In addition, studies have shown that greenery, whether indoor plants or a view of a green outdoor space improve a person’s mood and overall productivity.

Design with Curves

The next time you walk through a new building, take notice of all the sharp corners and 90 degree angles. They are everywhere. Those sharp corners and 90 degree angles are less appealing than curves and odd angles. So—when designing your office space—consider how you can avoid those hard edges in favor of a more aesthetically appealing office space.


Office Window Tinting

If you’re into products which offer multiple, business-benefiting features, tint is going to be your thing. First, office window tinting makes your interior and exterior look (and feel) cooler. But that’s not all! Commercial window tint blocks out UV rays, improving the health of the people in your space while preventing premature fading of your floors and furniture. Window tint also helps your space better regulate temperature so no one is ever chased out of their office due to excess heat.

Better Lighting

Above we talked about letting natural light shine throughout your space with glass dividers. But what if you don’t even have the natural light in the first place? Consider getting some new or larger windows installed. Not only does natural light improve productivity from your workers but it also helps cut down on energy costs associated with lighting your space.

Paint with a Different Color

Does your space have plain white walls? You should really consider painting those walls with a different shade. Plain white walls are just that—plain and boring. Sure, white walls do have a place in interior design. That said, if your entire space is bland and sterile, you may end up seeing similar results from your team’s creativity and productivity. Instead, take your brand’s colors and extend those to a couple walls; whether that’s through fresh paint or something like a wall mural.

Encourage Employees to Decorate

If your employees have cubicles or offices, encourage them to decorate. We’re not saying you demand everyone have a set number of pieces of flare in their office, but there are some creative ways to encourage it. For starters, have a holiday decorating competition; maybe for the first day of fall and the first day of spring. By sticking to non-holiday themes (which are probably taken down the next day) you are encouraging decorations which stick around for a couple months!

Standardize Cleanliness

Encourage food to be eaten only at designated break areas. This will reduce messes and crumbs throughout the workspace. And no one want crumbs, because crumbs bring ants… I’m looking at you Pam! In addition, have a regular cleaner come to help tidy up the space. A clean, tidy space looks nice and encourages employees to keep their desks clean as well. Similarly, cord management is a great way to improve visual tidiness which will drastically improve workplace aesthetics.

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