What is KDX Anti-Glare Mirror Film? 

When it comes to describing KDX anti-glare mirror film, it’s best to describe what it does. You’re driving down the road on a one-lane highway. The Ford-F150 behind you has his high beams on full blast. 

We’ve all been there. And we’ve all wished for a way to eliminate that highlight glare. KDX does this. 

KDX anti-glare mirror film limits headlight glare during nighttime driving. This film effectively filters out reflective glare from your side-view and rearview mirrors. KDX doesn’t just work with headlight glare, it provides the same benefits with sunlight glare as well! 

How does KDX work? 

The visible light spectrum is made up of many different colors and wavelengths. The advanced ceramic technology used by KDX filters out the yellow light spectrum. This is the harmful part of the light spectrum that makes your eyes burn when you are being assaulted by a headlight or sun glare. 

Will KDX Anti-Glare Film Affect my Mirror’s Clarity? 

When the film is applied to your side view and rearview mirrors, headlight glare is significantly reduced. That said, what about driving during the daytime? What is so amazing about the advanced ceramic technology used by KDX is it will not affect daytime driving or your view. 

KDX window film cut with sissors

What are the Benefits of Anti-Glare Mirror Film? 

The three key benefits of anti-glare mirror film? When it comes to anti-glare mirror film, most people share that they experience… 

  • Reduced Glare. KDX allows you to see clearly from your vehicle’s mirrors! Reducing headlight, high beam light pollution.  
  • Improved Safety. Reducing glare ensures your safety while on the road. No longer be blinded by headlights and have the risk of an accident. 
  • Enhanced Style. KDX adds a slight blue tint that adds a stylish accent to your vehicle! 
KDX blue hues your auto mirrors

DIY Glare Reduction Mirror Film 

What’s extraordinary about KDX anti-glare mirror film is that you can apply this yourself. So not only does this film drastically cut-down on blinding glare—it is affordable and you can apply it yourself! 

Order your KDX anti-glare mirror film kit from AP Tinting and we also include instructions on how to apply the film. It’s so easy, anyone can do it! 

Where to Buy KDX Online 

Looking to buy some KDX anti-glare mirror film online? AP Corp has you covered! Our anti-glare mirror installation kits are ready to ship to you at an affordable price. 

So when you ready, follow the link (above) to our shop page and order some KDX anti-glare window film today! Your only solution for a smooth, calm nighttime drive—free of headlight glare and light pollution.  

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