What is Paint Protection Film?

A lot of clients ask us, “What is paint protection film?” Paint Protection Film, or PPF, is a self-healing thermoplastic urethane film applied to vehicles in order to protect the paint from the damages of everyday living. PPF serves as an almost invisible shield, and with very little maintenance the film will last for years, keeping your paint protected and looking brand new!

Why Paint Protection Film?

Your vehicle is a large investment and with Paint Protection Film, you can increase its resale value. Everyday damages like road rash from rocks, pebbles, debris, winter salt, and summer sand can put a big dent in your resale value. We get questions about paint sealant and other products that claim to protect your vehicle’s exterior; however, they do not have the same level of protection Paint Protection Film does.

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Paint Protection Film vs. Paint Sealant

Paint sealant simply seals the paint; it does not protect your vehicle from debris that may damage your vehicle’s exterior. Paint sealant is almost like a liquid vitamin for the paint, unlike PPF which is a protecting film. Paint Protection Film protects against a wide range of external damages including stone chips, bug splatters, abrasions, and much more. Watch the video below to see the level of protection PPF offers.

As you can see, Paint Protection Film protects your car from scratches, scruffs and in this case – flying rocks. It’s like wrapping your car in bubble wrap, but without all the bulk of the bubbles.

What To Look For In Paint Protection Film

Select a competent installer and a higher quality film. You’ll want to stay away from cheap film that will discolor, fade, or get scratched easily. The savings in cost are not worth the replacement cost of the film. Also, ask for wrapped edges. Wrapped edges leave less seams making the install visually better. This method also makes it harder for film to lift and get dust or dirt underneath.

More and more consumers are opting to protect their vehicle investments with PPF, and many drivers are even choosing to cover the entire hood of their vehicle for the ultimate level of paint protection. This strong, durable film can be polished and waxed to maintain a shiny appearance. To learn more, give Absolute Perfection a call today!

Are you interested in Paint Protection Film for your vehicle? Give us a call at (410) 549-4285 or click here to contact us online!

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