Why New Window Film Looks Hazy

Are your office’s energy bills too high? Are your employees uncomfortable in your hot or blinding office? Then it’s time to invest in the comfort and happiness of your employees by installing new window film.

You know that your new window film will improve the quality of life in your commercial space, but it’s an investment. We get it. So, we want to make sure you’re informed about the curing process before installation begins.

It’s a simple fact, newly installed window films will look hazy – it’s normal! Things can go wrong when installing window film, especially with high-end products that require specialized training to handle. But we want to assure you that cloudy window film is temporary. It’s just part of the installation and curing process!

How Window Film Is Installed

Understanding the installation process is helpful for understanding why it will look hazy at first. There are many types of window film options out there for your business, like solar film for warm spaces and safety film to protect the weak points of glass. Regardless of the film you choose, the basic installation is the same.

Every window film installation starts with a clean window with a pH-balanced cleaning agent. This gentle cleanser protects the film from chemical damage. After the glass is cleaned, squeegeed, and dried, the installer will cut the fit to your window’s exact size.

Before applying the film, installers break out the soap and water again to activate the film’s adhesive. Finally, they apply the film and grab a squeegee to delicately remove as much excess air and liquid as possible.

What Makes the New Window Film Look Hazy?

A new window film might look weird, but it’s just water trapped between the glass and film!

Try as we might, we simply cannot get 100% of trapped water out with a squeegee. But that water won’t be there for long. The water under your new window film evaporates through the material as the window cures. That means the hazy look of your film is caused by water vapor, nothing to worry about at all.

How Long Will Does New Window Film Look Lazy?

New window film will eventually look as clear as a regular old window, but it will take time. The curing process can take 30 to 90 days, depending on the temperature, direct sunlight, and thickness of the film. The warmer the weather, the faster the curing process.

Maintenance Tips for Clearer Window Film

Proper maintenance will ensure a bubble-free, wrinkle-free, and clear window film. Premature cleaning or the use of abrasive materials on window film will cause a less than stellar aesthetic.

Regardless of the curing process’ length, do not clean the window film for 60 days (about 2 months). When the time comes, make sure your team has the right materials. You’ll need a very diluted, chemical-free cleaner and soft cloth or microfiber. If you have any stubborn streaks, wipe the film in horizontal passes, top to bottom, with a squeegee.

Are You Ready for a Happier, Healthier Workplace?

Now that you know what to expect from window film installation and how to care for it while it cures, it’s time to act! Work with a certified window tinting company to access high-quality products not available on the consumer market.

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