Why Put a Ceramic Coating Over Paint Protection Film? 

Why Put a Ceramic Coating Over Paint Protection Film

A common question we get asked is if it makes sense to get a ceramic coating on top of PPF. Long story short is that it certainly helps improve protection. Adding a ceramic coating to your vehicle will add an amazing protective shield along with many other benefits. But what exactly are the benefits of adding a ceramic coating over top of PPF? Here’s what you need to know.

What is the Difference Between Ceramic Coatings and PPF?

Before we get into the benefits of using these products together, let’s discuss what makes them unique.

  • Paint protection film, aka PPF, was created by the military to protect their vehicles. We’re not talking about a $50,000 car, we’re talking about vehicles like helicopters which cost them millions. So, it’s really good at protecting against damage from flying debris.
  • Ceramic coatings on the other hand seal your paint to make it last longer and clean easier—while also protecting it—just not as well as PPF.

Why Apply a Ceramic Coating Overtop PPF?

The main reason you’re probably reading this is to uncover why someone would recommend you apply both ceramic coating and paint protection film together. Here are the main reasons some of our clients opt to get a ceramic coating applied over top of their PPF.

  1. Ceramic coatings are hydrophobic, so they stay clean longer because water just falls right off.
  2. Makes it easier to clean off bug splatter, bird poop, and other sticky contaminants.
  3. Adds UV-ray protection to minimize the ‘yellowing’ of some PPF and protects your paint.
  4. Slows down the process of permanent marking formed on your PPF caused by caustic substances like bird poop.
  5. Adds a unique gloss to your PPF which cannot be achieved in any other way.
  6. Protects your PPF! Where PPF protects your paint better than anything else, a nanoceramic coating will protect your PPF helping it to stay looking its best for much longer.

How Much More Do Ceramic Coatings Cost?

So, the next question here is commonly one about cost. As of writing this article, AP Corp uses CeramicPro nanoceramic coatings. The cost of our CeramicPro coating installations falls anywhere from $99 for a small part of your vehicle (I.e.: bumper, hood, fenders) all the way up to $700 for a full vehicle.

For more information on pricing for your specific vehicle, get in touch with AP Corp today! AP Corp is the leading provider of automotive ceramic coatings in Maryland. We’re happy to walk you through the differences between ceramic coatings, PPF, and ultimately which option makes the most sense for your vehicle!

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