Will Applying Window Film Affect My Window Warranty?

Will Applying Window Film Affect My Window Warranty

Many windows are installed with a specific warranty. Those warranties typically cover a wide variety of potential manufacturer defects which would be costly to repair on your own. So, how will applying window film affect those existing window warranties? The answer depends on a couple factors.

It All Depends on Your Window Manufacturer

To determine how applying window film affects your window warranty, you will have to read the warranty’s fine print. That said, it’s most common for a manufacturer to void their warranty if any part of the window is tampered with. Commonly, this can include the window seal—which is typically pulled back during the installation of window film.

Why Does a Window Seal Get Pulled Back to Install Film?

Most flat glass window film installers will pull back the window seal to ensure the best-looking application. This is because the window film has a cut edge where you can visibly see the difference between the plain glass and tinted glass. So, if your window film installer doesn’t hide this edge under the window seal (everyone does this) you will end up seeing the edge—and it doesn’t look good.

Our Window Films Cover Existing Warranties

If you’re concerned about your window’s warranty, you’re not out of luck! Most of the big-name window film brands offer warranties which cover existing warranties and then warranty the film as well. Just ask us about the types of window film warranties we have available to you. We’re happy to walk you through the types of coverage available so you can get the best fit for your windows.

Most Window Films Improve a Window’s Durability

Another major consideration here is what the window warranty covers. Commonly, we see window manufacturer warranties which cover replacement of windows—but what about the other unforeseen costs? If a window shatters due to a manufacturer default, that glass is going to shower down on everyone nearby. Window films add an extra layer of protection which ensures that, if windows do break, they won’t shatter into a thousand pieces leading to life-threatening circumstances.

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