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North Carolina has some of the most beautiful weather and environments out of any state in the country. Many visitors travel from all over the world to visit beaches and communities alike, just to be immersed in the culture and enjoy the natural essence of North Carolina. Wilmington and New Hanover locals specifically understand how weather truly impacts their daily experience as drivers. As summer quickly approaches and the UV rays heat up our vehicles and create sun glare, some people seek out to find the most beneficial ways to fix the uncomfortably that comes along with such beautiful weather. This article addresses Absolute Perfection vehicle tint options to consider for solutions to these problems. Absolute Perfection prides itself on making your everyday life experiences more enjoyable.

Option 1: Dyed Tint

Dyed tint uses dyes in specific compositions to create a desired shade of tint. This tint in particular can increase solar performance. It provides you with a nice flat black appearance on the glass making it extremely aesthetically pleasing. This tint has its obvious perks, but is also consumer friendly in regards of being cost efficient and affordable. Heat rejection is the amount of heat energy that is discarded in an effort to create a more balanced temperature. Dyed tint’s heat rejection of blocking the amount of solar energy that is penetrated to the vehicle is directly linked to how dark you decide to get your window tinted. Consequently, the darker the window, the greater heat can be reduced from penetrating through the windows of the vehicle. Our company proudly understands the legality thresholds of window tinting darkness and is passionately qualified to install the right tint according to the individual needs of our customers.

Option 2: Metalized Tint

Metalized tint conversely, are excellent at reflecting solar energy. They have metals built into the tint that aid in the process of heat reflection. Consequently, you can have the option with picking a lighter tint shade and still experience quality heat rejection. The benefit of choosing this tint to this tint is directly linked to having a more flexible option regarding the choice of lighter tint shades with the reassurance that you’ll still receive adequate heat reduction. Seeming this tint involves the composition of metal sheeting, it has the potential of interfering with radio connection. Our team however, is trained in installing this highly advanced tint skillfully. Although this tint is also more expensive than dyed tint previously mentioned, it also provides you with a more technologically advanced metal material that’ll block more heat.

Option 3: Ceramic Tint

Advancements in tint technology have clearly given us a wide variety of choices, but one option that hasn’t been discussed yet are ceramic tint. This new technology gives consumers the best of both worlds. It combines the benefits of dyed and metalized tint, and generally meets the needs of both aesthetic desires. Due to the fact that this tint integrates the benefits of both the dyed and metalized tint it has received the advantage of becoming one of the most popular options. This option allows the tint to reflect the maximum amount of heat, therefore giving it the highest heat rejection of all of the tint with the advantage of using very light shading. In fact, most ceramic tint allow for 40% VTR (Visible Light Transition), which is legal in North Carolina. While the VTR is at a legal you will simultaneously have a 60% solar energy rejection, this ensures phenomenal heat rejection and a very light tint.

The Choice

In retrospect, the choice of tint that you decide to go with strictly depends on your needs as an individual. If you’re the type of person that prefers the aesthetic of having a darker shaded window, the dyed tint would be most beneficial. If you’re an individual that wants to increase heat reduction but would like a lighter shaded window then metalized tint would be a great choice. And, if you’re a person would love the benefit of both without having to compromise between the two then ceramic tint would undoubtedly be an amazing choice. Our team is confident that no matter your preference we can provide you with the highest quality service in order to make your experience as a driver the most convenient possible comfortable space.

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