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As summer swiftly approaches and we all prepare for the heat, our company is super excited and prepared to address ways to make this summer as amazing as possible. North Carolina is becoming one of the most progressive states that foster an enriching culture full of advanced thinkers. The state does a phenomenal job constantly being innovative in establishing a secure and aesthetically pleasing environment for all of us. Our company is proud about actively choosing to be integrated in this community of forward thinkers. This article will explain the benefits of window film and how they can help to further improve this awesome community.

Who We Are

CEO, Bill Valway began his journey from his parents’ garage. Dissatisfied by the lack of creative vision and principles of the Window Filming & graphics industry, he dedicated his life working diligently in building a company unparalleled to any other company in the industry. The industry lacked a leader that took the initiative to unselfishly promote growth for his company and employees as individuals. Previously there wasn’t a progressive space where employees could be just as excited about the organizational growth as they were their own growth. Exceptional service is definitely distributed more organically with this type of core value. It is a team built of people that aren’t just accomplished individuals, but also passionate about their craft. This high energy team relentlessly aims to produce the best possible quality because they are given a long-term vision to strive towards that will ultimately benefit them as individuals, the company and most importantly the customers. If you’re a person that understands the value of hard work and that believes in being passionate about what you do in order to make the world a better place, you can trust in Absolute Perfection to get the job done right!

Energy Efficiency

In effort of making sure we do our best to use our passion to positively impact the community, we’re using our skill set to transform everyday life into an even more enjoyable experience. We specialize in window film for residential, commercial, automotive and marine windows. Window film not only increases energy efficiency, but it also reduces the temperature within a room. In fact, window film can cut 87% of the sun’s heat coming through the glass. Another benefit of using window film on buildings, it will significantly reduce hot spots, providing a much more productive work environment.

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Aesthetically speaking, people enjoy the fact that the window film provides a clean appeal that also limits sun glare inside. Sometimes people enjoy the tinting simply because it also provides a personalized and uniform look to all glass. While many of us just think of sunlight being the cause of increased cooling costs, sunlight also causes floors and valuable belongings to fade. With this high efficiency window film, we are now able to preserve floors from fading by blocking 99.9% of UV rays. This keeps your office, home, boat flooring and furniture as protected as possible from sun fading.


Although North Carolina provides us all with the most gorgeous weather, we also have to plan ahead for the harsh storms and hurricanes that circulate throughout our community. Our team wants to provide thorough safety details and apply hurricane protection film that will hold all of the glass in place, protecting the interior from dangerous flying debris during intense storms. The layer of safety film that can be applied to your window in conjunction with our C-Bond System, will more than double the strength of the glass. In the event the glass does break, the entire sheet of glass will be held in place by the frame which also can provide extra safety against preventing robberies. The color of the film is another feature which can contribute ultimate privacy for all residential, commercial or automotive clients. Our goal is to use our expertise to make sure our community is as safe as feasibly possible!

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