Window Tinting Westminster Maryland – A Case Study

(HVAC Efficiency Case Study | Window Tinting Westminster Maryland) Shortly after moving into their new offices in Westminster, Maryland, the employees of Culinary Services Group, a contract food service management company, began to notice the temperature in their offices fluctuated throughout the day. No matter what they did with the blinds or thermostat some offices would be either too cold or too hot, putting a significant strain on their HVAC system.

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HVAC Efficiency Issues | Window Tinting Westminster Maryland

They contracted a Carroll County based HVAC contractor to help resolve the uneven temperatures in their office building, who found that the temperature fluctuation was caused by 2 things:

  • First, when the HVAC system was designed there were only 5 large rooms. The air circulation was based on cooling that amount of space. When CSG leased the space they added seven smaller offices around the perimeter of the space. The additional walls changed the way the air circulated, which in turn reduced the efficiency of the system.
  • Second, all of the new offices had large windows. Some of the glass was facing South and the other West. Both southern and western exposure take intense direct sunlight for a large portion of the day. As a result, the offices were over-heating from the sun’s energy. The HVAC system, designed for a smaller space, could not circulate the air to cool it properly. The HVAC contractor tried several solutions but was unable to fix these temperature issues.

Llumar Dual-Reflective DR25 | Window Tinting Westminster Maryland

As a last resort CSG’s office manager contacted us to see if we could provide a window tinting solution that would both eliminate the need for blinds and reduce the uneven temperatures in the offices. We provided a proposal to install LLumar Dual-Reflective DR25 on all the exposed glass.

Llumar Dual-Reflective window tint is specifically designed for office and home applications. It has a slightly reflective exterior surface that provides optimal heat and glare reduction while allowing a crisp and clear exterior appearance.

That’s the beauty of a Dual reflective film – you get a high heat or solar energy rejection without sacrificing your view.

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Challenges | Window Tinting Westminster Maryland

The installation was challenging because there were large desks and office furniture that could not be moved. We also had to remove the old, dusty blinds blocking our window tint installers from reaching the windows.

Once installed, the window film had an immediate impact. The first office we tinted was a hot spot that needed the blinds drawn at all times to counteract the glare and excess heat coming through the window. As soon that office was tinted, glare and heat were reduced, and the office was the same temperature as the rest of the building, reducing the strain on the HVAC system. Now the blinds could be left open to give a uniform aesthetic appearance from the outside of the building, allowing employees to enjoy the view of Westminster from the inside of the office.

Heat and Glare Reduction | Window Tinting Westminster Maryland

The glare in the CEO’s office was so bad he was getting headaches after prolonged periods of work. We installed window tint and greatly increased his level of comfort throughout the course of the working day. We also installed frosted film on several windows in the building to mask excess condensation, further improving the aesthetics of the building.

After seeing the results first hand the property manager for Ruppert Properties was so impressed with the energy efficiency we achieved, they’ve started using our window film to resolve heating and cooling issues elsewhere.

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