New York City Building Energy Performance Standards

Reduce your building’s carbon footprint

Buildings account for two-thirds of the City’s greenhouse gas emissions, so, City officials signed the groundbreaking bill for New York City Law 97, setting a trend that is slowly spreading throughout the nation. This law established the country’s first Building Energy Performance Standard (BEPS).

Energy Savings up to 50%

What is Covered in the New York City Building Energy Performance Standards?

In New York City, any parcel (lot) that has one structure larger than 25,000 gross square feet, or multiple buildings with the same manager totaling 50,000+ gross square feet, are expected to comply with the City’s Building Energy Performance Standards. The City does not differentiate coverage by shared equipment or metering systems.

These standards have been designed to help the city reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030, and 80% by 2050. To learn more about New York’s Building Energy Performance Standards, click here.

How AP Tinting Helps You Become BEPS Compliant

As a BGE and PEPCO Certified Energy Service Provider, AP Tinting offers two products proven to reduce your building’s energy usage. Currently, you can choose from the following product options:

Energy Efficiency Window Films

Prevent sun glare from transforming your open workspace full of natural light into an uncomfortable and unproductive place for your workers, students, tenants with glare reduction window film.

Whether you are an architect, designer, facility manager or property owner, glare reduction window film implemented throughout your commercial building will minimize painful eye strain and make spaces more usable.

Every space is unique and can experience a complicated combination of light issues. Contact one of our commercial film product specialists today to help you determine if window film is the right solution for your space and to help you build a solution that meets the requirements of your commercial building.

men installing anti dog window film in restaurant

Anti-Fog Window Films

Your building can eliminate the need for door and frame heaters with anti-fog window films. The right anti-fog window film will be at least 0.1 mm thick PET hydrophobic sheet with adhesive (R-value 0.00235).

Find an AP location near you to learn more about the glare reduction window film featured in your area!

See Your Energy Savings

Window film can reduce your commercial space’s energy usage, crush your carbon footprint, and save your business money. But don’t take our word for it. Use the LLumar Energy Savings Calculator below to estimate how much energy your building could save.

Commercial Window Film Lifetime Warranty

Warranty Protection Program

Your LLumar Select Pro and Panorama film is protected by a Lifetime Residential Warranty and a 15-year Commercial Warranty. The warranty guarantees you will never have to worry about difficulties of film bubbling, peeling, fading, delaminating, cracking or changing color. Your purchase is also protected by a 5-year thermal stress breakage warranty.

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