You Tint Your Car, Why Wouldn’t You Tint Your Home?

you tint your car why not tint your home

Why tint your home? Like vehicles, tinting your home offers many benefits. Vehicle owners commonly tint their windows for variety of reasons including style, security, privacy, health, etc. These same reasons apply to tinting your home. So if you’re someone who has tinted their vehicle, here are 7 reasons you should also tint your home.

1. Block UV Rays

Tinted windows filter out harsh UV rays from the sun. Overexposure to these UV rays can cause serious damage to your skin. Window films provides a 24/7 barrier against UV radiation, filtering out over 99% of UV rays.

2. Minimize Glare

Snow blindness, sunburn of the eyes, and eye strain are all common side effects from prolonged exposure to the sun’s glare. Tinted windows can reduce glare while still allowing natural light to fill your home.

3. Conserve Energy

Just like window films reduce heat in your vehicle, they also reduce the heat in your home. This leads to significant reduction in your home’s energy bill to keep your home cool. Similarly, in the winter, this same film helps to insulate your home by keeping heat inside and the cold out.

4. Improve Security

Window films improve the security of your windows. They help to hold your window together if it is ever struck, making it take longer to enter your vehicle. This, in turn, provides the authorities enough time to reach your vehicle and prevent any theft.

5. Increase Privacy

Tinted windows make your home more private. With less visibility in through your windows, you can feel more comfortable in your home and less exposed. So get rid of those bulky, ugly curtains and go for a more stylish approach.

6. Control Fading

Just like the sun fades a vehicle’s upholstery, in your home the sun will fade carpets, window treatments, wall coverings, and more. Protect valuable interiors from the fading of colors with a tinted window film.

7. Enhance Style

Looking to upgrade your home and give it a new look? Tinted windows create a sleek and modern look for homes and vehicles. This unique and updated look can also increase the curb appeal and resale value of your home.

If you tint your vehicle for the above reasons, why wouldn’t you tint your home for the same reasons? Contact your local window tinting company for help with a window tinting film that best fits your goals and budget.

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